Today I just about completed the frame of the "trailer" that will hopefully become the base of my human-powered vehicle. Built entirely of a single 20 foot piece of angle iron with 1/4-20x1 inch bolts with nylocks, it easily holds my weight. I placed my Travoy trailer across it, and it became a usable wheelchair, though steering is hard and would quickly wear down the Travoy's plastic hinges if I used it for any length of time. My next plan is to mount it on my new bicycle, making it an asymmetrical tricycle. The wheels are off my old bike; have to see if I can also re-use the brakes. And have to add a triangle in one of the corners to keep it from deforming due to angular stresses.

I tried the baking soda idea today. Squeezing the wipe after dusting on the bicarb activates it, warming it somewhat as it reacts. And it does seem to get most of the underarm odor, but strangely enough left the stink of urine under my left arm, the one that normally has no noticeable odor (to me). Anyway, promising results and I hope to remember to do more testing soon.

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