Fell asleep drunk with the music on, and had the dreaded recurring dream of the post office: the one where I'm called in to work after retirement, I forget to clock in, I don't have an assigned area and just wander around, and I never get paid. This time I go up to the mezzanine and Lenny hears me out. He tells me it would be easier to pay me if I'd remember to clock in, and I agree, and say "so at least I should be paid for the times I did remember, as a start". He didn't give me any definitive yes or no, so I'm encouraged, and head over to the ACDCS, one of which needs service. A scruffy Irish-looking guy, 30-ish, with long hair and a red beard, also arrives to work on it. Since the ACDCS has changed completely since the last time I was trained on it, I defer to him to take the lead, but he says he'd rather do the grunt work than troubleshoot, so I get started. That's when I woke up to pee.

So there may be a trigger for that dream: music in the background. The post office that I knew did indeed have some strong similarities to a bad dream with background music; although I had plenty of good times there and learned a lot. Another potential trigger is being behind in my finances; I'm looking for someone who already owes me money, and I still feel cheated out of an award for my contribution to the 3547 Automation Project (that page was written about 9 years ago).

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