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Went through La Cresta ravine again today to harvest the yellow plums: and they were all gone! Every goddamned one. Nothing in the tree, nothing on the ground. It would be hard to convince a reasonable person that that tree is even a plum tree. How did this happen in one week? Amazing. But I got a few blackberries. And the purple plums aren't ripe yet. Followed the path at the base of the ravine out to the street this time; I was afraid of poison oak before, but I'd already stepped in some up higher on the ridge so figured it couldn't be any worse, I already had to wash up when I got home. And I didn't see any along the path.

The X prizes are great, but what about a prize for something more down-to-earth, like a natural cure for urushiol-induced dermatitis? Poison ivy, oak, and sumac are the cause of one of mankind's most universal annoyances. If someone could find a dietary or herbal cure, I'd be willing to reward em with some of my silver or gold. Call it the H prize, for Humanity. That should be one of my Unternet sites.

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