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From Zinfandel Drive, I took the path along Abercrombie Way, to Southpoint Blvd., and made my way carefully along the steep embankment on the north side of Redwood Highway, harvesting a few green cattail heads. Then at the end of Transport Way, cut behind the buildings to follow the fence back to the Lynch Creek trail. It was a long haul just to get my netbook charger back from the Starbucks where I'd left it yesterday. My feet are doubly tired from doing about the same distance two days in a row. But at least I'm discovering more about the commons here in Petaluma.

Someone finally bent apart the new fence from the trail to Lakeville, so I didn't have to climb up onto the railroad bridge. Checked in at Maguire's, but the place was packed so I continued on home, saving the $3.50 I would have spent on a pint. After all, I still have most of the 3 quarts of pissbeer I bought yesterday: Miller High Life, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Coors Banquet. The latter is what I'm drinking right now. Just finished cooking the cattails, and making a batch of brown rice for dinner. I've been offered some tri-tip as well, and I'm not going to refuse.

On my way with the lady to Worldfest tomorrow, might be offline for a few days. Then again, might not, you never know.

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