First day here I went down to check out the creek. Closest access to the campsite had a cooking setup and a couple of guys chilling; asked for permission to pass, and they were totally cool with it. Then later that day, went with my lady down that way and we were rudely sent away by some stocky guy with a serious attitude problem. So next day, while waiting for my shift to start, the guy comes into recycology (recycling) camp to tell me I have to respect him. You can imagine how that went. I was getting so agitated I had to gasp for breath, my hands felt numb and vibrating. I guess that's due to adrenaline and/or testosterone "fight or flight" reaction.

I found out later that he, Moe, and his wife Marissa, "M&M Security", work for Wavy Gravy, the owner of the Hog Farm here. And a lot of people think he's a total asshole. If he'd just told me he was the owner's agent I'd have been willing to follow his direction. But respect someone just because he demands it? Fuck that.

Yesterday I drank almost a full bottle of wine, and last night, while fairly cold, I felt too warm the whole night. I don't remember wine ever doing that to me before.

Just one more shift to go. So far I might have done two hours real work out of 12 hours on duty. Not complaining.

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