Bottled up my gallon of malt brew that had a complete, chopped-up dandelion plant in it for a few days, as "hops". Filled 10 bottles and had a little left over to taste. It is so easy filling bottles with my homemade siphon, and using a temporary funnel of paper folded into a cone to add the half-tsp sugar to each bottle. The twist-caps are holding up just fine; no need for a capper. Lotecnotec brewing company, at your service.

Then poured the last half of my jar of rice syrup into the leftover yeast to start a new batch. Fuck sanitation. As long as you take steps to mitigate an infection while it's still starting, you have little to worry about.

Woke up with a rough idea of an object schema for restructuring my latest tree-genome job. Still psyched and making some progress, but keep getting distracted.

Change.org sent me an email trying to get me to sign a petition: "close the loopholes" that allow "potential terrorists" to buy "assault weapons". I sent back:

Bullshit. There's no such thing as an assault weapon. There are useful weapons, and less useful weapons. The AK47 is a useful weapon, for good or for evil. If you want to stop the bad guys from having them, GO AND BUY SOME FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY. NOW. Thank you.

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