I have to have Windows running for a program I'm developing for a client, but this time it seems to be working out pretty well, disregarding a bluescreen a couple of days ago or so. I still have almost full access to Debian, of course, through the magic of coLinux.

A new batch of rice beer with caraway seed is in its 3rd or 4th day of fermentation. It's really looking promising, despite an early infection. I made a siphon with some 3/8" OD plastic tubing, a #8 bung, and a half-gallon plastic apple juice bottle that compresses just enough to get the suction going. I got the idea from this instructable, and it works just great.

My knees and ankles are still a little sore from the KGC, but I've started jogging again and I'm doing pretty well. At least my regular use of a pumice stone prevented me from getting cracked feet this time. If I can keep it up, I won't ruin my feet at Burning Man this year either. Assuming I can afford the ticket.

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