Finally got Firefox back! Iceweasel, that is. It's been going crazy for a few weeks now, truncating menus, smudging text and graphics, missing the lower 200 pixels or so of the screen, other weird shit. I couldn't find anybody else having the same problems when I searched. Anyway I apt-get dist-upgraded, fixed some problems in my /etc/apt/sources.list (I still had some entries with "lenny" instead of "stable"!) and installed Iceweasel 4.0.1 from squeeze-backports. It didn't help at first, but today I was able to get the ProfileManager by specifying iceweasel -ProfileManager -no-remote; for the first time in weeks, the Profile Manager was actually visible! It disabled the Firebug and Validator plugins (the source of the problem?) and started up normally. About goddamned time. What a productivity killer.

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