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Man, was I ever duped. I can't remember on which web forum I posted, but after seeing a video in which Obama was shown saying "... it's true, I'm not an American." then biting his lip for several seconds, and continuing, "I was not born in Hawaii; I wasn't born in the United States of America. I come from Kenya." it looked real enough for me. Today, after a Facebook friend posted Obama's "long form" birth certificate, I was reminded that I wanted to research that more, and found out it was a fake. The real video is at whitehouse.gov, and the snippet was taken starting about 32:51 and overdubbed. It was originally a spoof from ObamaSnippets.com and co-opted by the anti-Obama crowd. Anyway, President Obama, I hereby apologize for saying you were born in Kenya. I stand corrected. I still don't agree with you on many things, and still think you are as much as puppet of the ruling class as was GWB, but I have to admit that the evidence points to your having been born in the US.

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