Just had a piece of my 2nd batch of chorizo, finished about a month ago today. Can't say I'm happy with the taste, but if I survive, I guess it worked. This was the batch made with brine-pickled pepper and garlic.

Also finished my sun-dried jerky from about a week ago.

Figured out some more gotchas with OAuth using my Python script with only the standard modules. Google in some cases (the calendar feeds, at least) redirects you to the same URL but with a gsessionid appended to the URL. In that case you have to have a 302 redirect handler that will repackage that URL into a newly-signed OAuth request with a new nonce, timestamp, and signature, making sure to put the gsessionid into the signature base string in the proper lexicographical order, removing it from the URL in that step.

Also finished part of a personal project, the TANSTAAFL flag from Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Had to get some help with the calculations at StackOverflow.

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