Two or 3 days ago I had some wine I bought at Grocery Outlet, and it had a bitter, metallic taste. I chalked it up to a bad bottle and forgot about it. Then yesterday, everything had a bitter taste. I looked it up: this article says it can be caused by (among other things less likely) pine nuts! And I had just bought some pine nuts at TJ's, and have been eating them by the small handful. I think I'd better take them back. Maybe they're making people sick.

Hmm. Went back and Googled some more, and found "Risks of eating pine nuts" in the Wikipedia article. Nothing to worry about, it says. So maybe I'll just sweat it out. Even though the label says they're from Russia or Korea, those both border China, and like so-called "Vermont" maple syrup that really comes from Canada, these nuts may be from China.

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