I've been making excuses to myself for months now that, living in the city, it's too difficult to live a "zero waste" lifestyle. Thou must shit in thine drinking water, thou must not save thy garbage until thou art ready to recycle or reuse it... but in fact, I can buy bulk grains and other bulk foods with my own reusable ziploc bags (until, as once at Sun Harvest in El Paso, some anal employee tells me I have to use their throwaway bags). So today, I did just that. It wasn't quite zero-waste, but I'm going to try and stop making excuses for myself. It has to be done. There is no room on this earth for garbage, for poisons, for nuclear waste.

Did another sashimi experiment yesterday, making my own from a half-pound each of yellowfin (wild-caught, Vietnam) and salmon (farmed, Canada). It came out quite good if not particularly artistic. And neither of us got sick from it, a big plus. All that hoo-hah about using only sushi-grade fish, how important it is to have a trained sushi chef slice it, yadda, yadda, is just that. At least, that's what I'll believe until the day I do something wrong and get hideously ill.

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