Lost my goddamned PayPal debit card. It had to have been at the Post Office the other day. I went there today to buy a money order, and the card wasn't in my wallet. I told the clerk I must have lost it here and is there a lost-and-found where he could look? No. The lady who served me the other day was off, and there was nothing he could do. Bummer.

So I come to Starbucks, get out my iPod and try to find PayPal's phone number. Their pages don't work on Mobile Safari, so I can't jump through their hoops to get to the hidden number. But I found a list of numbers at paypal-sucks.com with a Google search. Called and got an annoying voice recognition system. It was actually pretty good, but I got impatient, started shouting into it, and got a live rep pretty quickly. His name was Mark, he was helpful and said he canceled the card and will email me instructions on how to get a new one. But now I don't have access to my funds for a few days. Shit.

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