When I first watched Rambo First Blood back in the 80's, right after he jumped off the cliff into the trees, he shows up next with a sling on his arm. The sling is gone by the time he kills the boar, but he almost definitely had a sling. I saw part of the movie a while ago, and the expected sling wasn't there. I've been thinking about it lately, and am re-watching the movie again at 220.ro, search for "rambo first blood rosub" at video.google.com. The sling is just not there. I'm already at the part where he's in the mine.

I don't believe there were two different versions of the movie made, one with a sling and one without. So what's the explanation? It's easy to say I just forgot, I'm mistaken, there never was a sling. But what if there was? What if something changed in the space-time continuum, and I'm now in a universe where Stallone made the movie a different way from how I first saw it? Does anybody else remember it the way I did?

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