Did my 5-mile jog through Helen Putnam park yesterday. It hurt; my legs had gotten flabby in just two weeks in La Paz. My right foot is still a bit sensitive too. But I didn't get winded, and I'm sure it was good for me.

Finally finishing up the kraut I made months ago. I'd left it uncovered in the fridge, and the top of the remaining kraut in both jars was bluish with white or pink moldy or yeasty buildup. But I just scraped off the goop and underneath was still tasty and even a little crisp. So cooked it up with some sausage, ate some last night, made a sandwich with some more earlier tonight, and hope to kill it by tomorrow.

Also tried making sushi for the first time. Bought some yellowtail, wild-caught from Vietnam, at Petaluma Market yesterday, sliced it up, cooked up some sushi rice, added some rice vinegar, and tried to roll it with a teflon pastry mat, lacking a bamboo roller. Didn't work worth a damn. About 8 pieces out of 20 were even presentable, and even those had too much rice for the meat. Only had those 8 pieces as sushi, the rest will go into a stir-fry someday soon. But I didn't get sick from salmonella, one of my long-held fears about using supermarket fish for sushi.

Found an interesting video on YouTube about removing a mole using black salve (link to the author's website), something I've been meaning to do. Irritatingly, he (Paul Nison) doesn't give a source for the salve he used. Anybody know of a good one?

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