Got a late start yesterday, somewhere around 1400, but hit the road a-runnin' and didn't stop to walk until I was well down D street extension, maybe a mile or two short of San Antonio Road. And when I got to within about 3 miles of Novato Road, a guy offered me a ride, which I accepted, considering the crazy traffic. Got another ride from a lady named Judy right into Novato after walking only a couple miles or so.

So, I found myself warming up at the bar at Rickey's around 2000, drinking an overly-hopped Moylan's ale (should have had the Blue Moon), and had a huge plate of garlic fries for $4.

This time, at Northgate, I tried out the left onto Merrydale and bore right to the part labeled "not a through street". Big win. When it dead-ended at the tracks, I found the way around to the left just where Google satellite imagery indicated it would be. And followed it south, parallelling 101, to the end. Then it was all well-lit bike path, all to myself, till I reached downtown San Rafael at Hetherton and, I think, Sixth Street. Stopped at a crowded little Puerto Rican restaurant, Sol Food, on 4th Street. They served the coffee creamy and sweet. Though I'd never have ordered it that way, it was a treat and I enjoyed it. The ham, Swiss, and egg sandwich was good too. And my feet appreciated the break. Those few pounds of food and extra clothes were taking a heavy toll. Not only my feet and ankles, but my lower back as well, were getting punished. From here on, I would take more frequent breaks; and I'd already made up my mind to curtail the ultramarathon in favor of taking a bus.

I missed the last bus to the city, it had left the San Rafael terminal at 1 AM according to Officer Friendly. So I walked on, down West Francisco, bearing right to Andresen before the freeway on-ramp, and crossing at the hard-packed dirt with a low gate. Took my usual Auburn-Albion-Altena- Tiburon path to Via la Cumbre at the top of the hill. Not having my bike this time, I took the less steep option at every point where a sign said "keep right". Made it to the bus stop on the highway in Corte Madera well in advance of the first morning bus, which picked me up around 0540 and charged me $5.05 into the city. Later got on the 1040 Amtrak bus to Santa Barbara. It's a bumpy ride, but I'm going to try and sleep. I need it.

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