Went to McNear Park today with a 3-lb bag of bacon, a pound of factory-farm ground beef (yeah, yuck... but might as well use it), and some mesquite charcoal. Took a while to get a good hot fire going, but cooked all the bacon, then the beef, and bagged it all up for my Baja trip.

Got a script working to symlink files copied from an iPod to the song names, in folders by album artist and album name if those fields are nonblank. It's really crappy, a cut-and-paste job from stuff found on the net, but it worked well enough for now. I want to clean it up someday to make a command-line tool I can use for updating the songs and playlists on the iPod itself, but that doesn't look like it's going to get done anytime soon. Too much other stuff going on.

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