On my D street to San Antonio to I street loop yesterday morning, while seeing off Couchsurfer and cyclist Pascal, I passed some prickly pear plants with ripe fruits. I asked the lady giving riding lessons if I could take some, and she said yes. So tonight I sliced them 4 ways, scooped out the pulp with a spoon, mashed it good, then thought of a slick way to get it into the 1/2 gallon fermenting bottle I've been using: the pastry bag that I've been making sausage with. So easy! Scoop it in, poop it out. So to speak.

I found that by tightening the threads of the tip fitting over the narrow end of the bag, it holds the bag better when you're squeezing it. That may be common knowledge among chefs, but I didn't see that in any of the how-tos I found on the web.

Seems that on most programming jobs, I start out with good intentions and clean code, and as crunch time approaches, I start cutting-and-pasting and adding all kinds of nasty hacks, and in the end have some remaining bugs and can't track them down. Before even getting to that point, it's better to toss it and start over. But it's so hard to do sometimes.

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