Michael Moore has weighs in with Wikileaks, and he does carry a lot of weight. Regardless of what you think about the pompous windbag, his support brings on board a lot of liberals and women (and women liberals) who would never otherwise have supported pompous asshole Julian Assange. It's my opinion, dimly supported by a comment or two on various Internet forums, that women latch quickly on the "rapist" label applied to Assange and don't bother investigating any further. Whether or not this is true, it's for certain the USG and other targets of Wikileaks are hoping for this reaction.

Men, being polyamorous by belief if not in practice, are more likely to read into the matter a little more, find out it was apparently consensual sex with some later misgivings over lack of a condom or a broken condom, and sympathize with Assange on that point; and/or, being panarchic in practice if not by belief, empathize with his fight against ignorance and apathy.

But many women seem to listen to Michael Moore, and so are a little more willing to give Assange the benefit of the doubt on the sex matter. And that's a good thing, because he and Wikileaks are doing far more good than he could possibly have done wrong.

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