The rash is all but gone, but the poison-oak itch is still there, over most of my body, and the only real relief I get is from almost-scalding showers, each of which lasts up to about 6 hours. The Grindelia tincture I made with tequila helps me for up to an hour at a time, but sometimes it doesn't seem to work at all. I found a lot of the stuff growing along the Petaluma river, down along the turning basin, but haven't collected more since those two plants back at the Estero Americano paddle.

My presentation, "Sub-$100 kayak", was selected for the first Ignite Petaluma event. Working on my slideshow now.

Feeling a lot better about my web programming now that I've cleaned up my Javascript. I put all the code and document IDs for my client under the com.jcomeau.limesurvey namespace, something which is trivially easy in Java but much less so in Javascript. Now I don't have to worry about namespace collisions with the Limesurvey framework itself. And I don't have to type all that out, most of the time, either; within the enclosing function() object, using the "this" keyword enables you to call one function from another; and in other circumstances, you can set up a variable, say:

var cjl = com.jcomeau.limesurvey;

And then use cjl.surveyID or cjl.postForm() to refer to member variables and functions. Just don't do it in a global scope, or you lose the benefits.

Local elections coming up. For Sonoma County supervisor, we get to choose between someone who wants to turn the county into a stinking industrial wasteland, and someone who will probably bankrupt it in short order. Oh, joy. Everything else, for me, is all about 2nd amendment rights, and for the most part, that means Republicans. Why is this? Doesn't the Democratic party espouse personal freedoms? Why not the basic right to keep and bear arms, which between the Heller and McDonald decisions is now binding on the states?

I'm tempted just to vote Libertarian across the board.

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