A magical day. Found the hatch cover as I was making my final pass through the center of the river, on the downstream end of the range in which I thought it might be. My teeth were starting to chatter, which meant the hypothermia was at the point of getting dangerous. Saw something large and yellow off to my left; reached down and picked it up.

Blocking access to a commons is evil. Open up a goddamned pedestrian path to the river, Duncans Mills, ya fuckers. Got bloodied and itchy going through blackberry and poison oak to get to the river. Exited into a gated community, but didn't realize it till I got to the entrance.

Made it to Beverage People just before closing and got a #6.5 bung to fit my Carlo Rossi gallon jugs. And 3 more airlocks.

Found a dollar bill on the east side of the overpass coming back. Then a 5. Then another 5. "This is getting good", I thought. But that was the end of the free money.

On my way to REI now.

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