Started reading Blood and Thunder after finishing Beyond the Matrix. The latter introduces a lot of new-age weirdness I'd never heard before, but gives some new (to me) insights into the Roswell crash and mentions Jim Humble's "cure" called MMS, Miracle Mineral Supplement. He's also come up with MMS2, hypochlorous acid, which can be made with calcium hypochlorite tablets intended for "shocking" swimming pools. Looks pretty useful.

Soldered a coaxial receptacle onto my Freecycled cordless drill battery yesterday, and plugged it into my 12V booster battery using an adapter cord, but it didn't work. Today I thought of checking the fuse in the cord: blown. Bought a new fuse today, and voila! The damned thing works. Now to get going on some of my projects that had been derailed due to lack of a drill.

I haven't been able to run Java applets on my Debian system since I switched to Linux some months ago. Finally found the answer, after doing some serious googling today. Now I'm finding all I need to run an applet from a webpage is:

<object type="application/x-java-applet" classid="java:com.jcomeau.Mandelbrot" width="640px" height="480px"> </object>

Haven't tested under Windows, or anything other than FF3 (Iceweasel) on Debian.

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