For a few days now, I've noticed a viscous, cloudy, slippery liquid dripping from California live oaks in the neighborhood, primarily from the caps whose acorns had fallen out of the tree. I tasted a drop, and it had no noticeable odor nor flavor. And it didn't sudse in water. I ought to collect a quart or so and experiment with it.

I was right about what side of the road to walk on, at least. Section 21956 of the CVC (California Vehicle Code) vindicates me. And nothing in chapter 5 of the CVC, "Pedestrian Rights and Responsibilities", mentions lights, reflectors, or even light-colored clothing, that I could see.

I sent an email to Assemblyman Jared Huffman about the incident, and CC'd Mayor Pam Torliatt, but haven't heard from either.

Exposed myself to a flu virus the other day. Cheaper than inoculating. Got the first symptom this morning, a dry, scratchy throat. Let's see how this plays out.

Jogged this morning, my 2+ mile route. The pain is gone from the knee, but the ankle still bothered me the whole way.

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