Went to Sonoma today to pick up a Freecycled drill. I only had to go a mile or two in the highway constuction area, but it was so hairy I took the Sonoma Mtn. Road back. What a workout! Steep grades, had to walk it for miles. Saw a wild turkey, some manzanitas, and a Zen meditation center. Stopped at Twin Oaks because the signs said $2 drafts and Lagunitas IPA on tap. It was a lie, the pint cost $4.25. Back at Maguire's for the half off special.

Yesterday while paddling I got my first real look at a leopard shark in the shallows approaching Tom's Point. I'd seen the fins at Drake's Estero a few weeks before, but they always dove out of sight as I approached. This one didn't see me, he was busy hunting. Beautiful animals.

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