Continuing with my musings... people, over time, get used to the "fact" that they cannot change things, that they must suffer in an imperfect world, that they must compromise their ideals to fit "the way things are". By the age of 50 or 60 (sometimes even 30 or 40), this pattern is so ingrained that, even if one were made Almighty God for a day, ey wouldn't dare change the status quo. Well, guess what? We Boomers are reaching our peak power for changing that status quo, and I for one have high hopes that enough of us have kept our ideals alive. We are in a position to reinvent the world as we see fit: the gift economy, zero waste, negative population growth (of humans!), organic gardening, sovereignty of the individual, minimal if any government, self-reliance, participants not spectators, human powered vehicles, the end of the high-stress, high-speed ratrace madness created by a power-addicted ruling class.

We have people in California organizing voters to make plastic bags illegal. Why do we need to bludgeon people with laws to make them do the right thing? Why can't we as individuals just take our own bags to the grocery store without being forced to do so? Is there anyone who still believes that we can produce endless volumes of trash every day and it will magically disappear? Jesus Fucking Christ. Let's fucking wake up, all right?

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