Post-mortemed my kombucha plastic-eating experiment today. Seems to have been a total failure; the bag had no noticeable degradation.

Working on a job analyzing maps and making "world files" for them. The math is driving me nuts. Although the distances are small enough that I can use Euclidean rather than spherical geometry, the differences in latitude mean the virtual pixels are different in size from the map pixels, since the map is distance-based and the customer wants the world files using degrees. Also, the maps don't all have north pointing up. And to top it off, I'm only given two points of geopositioning data per map, often in line with one of the axes which means I have to calculate the other 3 values using the haversine formula and the known relationships between the 4 numbers. Which aren't all that clear to me yet.

The upside is, I'll have a new skill once I figure this out.

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