It seems that a short piece of pipe, with one end sealed, and the other end with a divider going down about halfway, could make a portable warming/cooking device for use with leaves, twigs, other small combustibles. The idea is, you blow into one side to keep the coals, which are concentrated at the sealed end of the pipe, red-hot. That end is what you stick into a water-filled cooking vessel (even plastic), to cook soup or brew coffee. Or you seal the other end and enclose it in some heavy wrapping that can take the heat (a couple of wool socks, one inside the other) for use as a foot-warmer inside your sleeping bag on a cold night.

Still experimenting with my new trailer as a vehicle, with a skateboard on the "handle" end. This time I tried it with the skateboard behind me, and the trailer wheels at my feet. It seems less likely to break the trailer, but it's harder to steer. Maybe the handle needs to be forward of center, so I can more easily lift the back of the skateboard to point in the direction I want to go. Mañana.

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