Did my 5-mile jog again today, trying to snap out of a bad funk from last Sunday. Too early to say if it worked or not. Queasy stomach and diarrhea, ugh.

Thinking about waterguns and paintguns as nonlethal weapons. Filled with a cayenne solution, they can be quite disabling to both small and large game. Add rotenone and you might be able to fend off a shark attack.

You can use resin to harden wood, but some years ago people found ways of artificially petrifying it. If a way were found to accomplish it at STP, or at least at one atmosphere and at normal oven temperature, one could make durable prototypes by forming them out of wood, then hardening.

Got to try using my 12V battery with my titanium spork to cook sausage; take it apart, stick the sharper ends into the sausage and clamp the rounder ends to the battery. It ought to work.

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