Attempted to cross Mount Sonoma into the town of Sonoma today. It didn't work; the goddamned rancheros have all the roads and fields fenched off. Here is a map. I started out jogging, but after about 43 minutes the added weight of my hydration pack was enough to cause some pain in my left calf muscle, so I walked the rest of it. The REI CoolMax liner socks and SealSkinz 3-layer socks held up well. Got them the other day at Corte Madera for a cash outlay of only $5 and change, using the 20% discount plus my dividend.

It's worthy of mention that I drank about 12 ounces of water before I left, and didn't have to touch my hydration bag the whole trip, not having a drink until I got to Noah's Bagels next to the Safeway, after 12 miles. This means I should be able to jog/walk to San Francisco without having to carry any water, as long as I stop at Novato, Corte Madera, and Sausalito along the way.

Yesterday went kayaking with the Petaluma Paddlers, and people were talking about how warm the water was. One of the guys said he'd go in if he'd brought a swimsuit, so of course I took that as an invitation to strip and go in buck naked. Nobody chose to follow suit, but at least some expressed gratitude that someone was willing to buck the societal antagonism towards nudity. Anyway the water was only warm where it was a few inches deep; once I got out into 4-foot deep bay water, the coldness of the Pacific was readily apparent in that stretch of Tomales Bay. So I got my shivering ass back to shore and into my fleece longjohns.

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