Did my 5 mile jog again today, still wheezing near the top of the hill but getting a second wind on the way down, those last 3 miles just coasting. Didn't time myself this time around, but doubt it was much different from the hour it took last time.

Gun nuts and gun control nuts, and all in between, are almost sure to get a belly laugh out of Jimmy Kimmel's video depicting a tense moment in Starbucks. Kimmel appears to be on the "gun control" side of the issue, but this is so over-the-top it is just plain funny. I suppose some of my fellow gun nuts will take offense at what appears to be a lampooning of "open carry" advocates, but if someone is that humor-challenged, maybe I don't want them on my side anyway.

We went snowshoeing at Lassen Park again last week, this time a two-mile excursion to the sulfur hot springs and back. Far too hot for a bath, but it was nice to warm my feet in the steam, stinky though it was. It reminded me to put a pair of Rocky Gore-tex oversocks nearer the top of my to-buy list; they would have saved me from getting so close to frostbite. The wool socks I was wearing with my Tevas just picked up the snow and melted it.

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