Got some things done today that I'd been putting off for months; went to the laundromat downtown by the 7-11 and washed out my bag of shitty wipes from my bicycle trip. Also washed the Chicobag that I'd collected cactus fruits in, and it came out glochid-free. All I used for detergent was the usual Dr. Bronner's.

Bought two bags of seeds at the Seed Bank, Break O' Day tomatoes and "Pepper Cayenne Long Thin" (Anaheims?), and scattered them along the creek not far from where Wilmington Drive meets Madison Street. My first guerilla gardening in a long time! I would have stayed to pick some fennel leaves, but some guy in a pickup truck stopped and might have been calling the cops on me, so I left. Went to KFC for their Tuesday Leg & Thigh deal for 99 cents, not bad at all. You can get it original, crispy, or grilled. A break from the usual McDouble or BK Double Cheeseburger.

Bought a 51 inch giant fresnel lens on eBay, $27 plus $25 shipping. It's a linear, not spot, lens so it won't work for melting any metals other than zinc and pot metal. But it should bake bread, boil water, and handle other cooking needs.

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