Made some seafood gumbo tonight, not following the recipe very closely but tried Leo's microwave method of making the roux, at the bottom of the page, and after 18 minutes it was done. One of my substitutions was using fresh kelp from the paddle at Tomales Bay today instead of okra. Next time I plan to use more kelp, less water, and no sausage at all... that last was a bad idea, the cheap sausage I used overpowered the seafood.

At the bay, we saw plenty of ducks and other birds, seals, red starfish, and other wildlife. It was cloudless but with a haze most of the day. It's warm even now.

As you probably have surmised, I've been back in Petaluma for about a week now. The road trip might have lasted a bit longer, but that last day turned rainy and we decided to just continue up the coast from Morro Bay where we had landed after taking highway 38 West. There were lots of collisions that evening; we went through at least two big slowdowns due to them.

Today was a welcome relief from about 3 days of programming. I had to catch up from overspending on the trip, mostly on dental work that had to be done but I'd been putting it off for too many years. Now I've got some breathing room, after that last job which was related to genetic research, finding a minimal set of exons that made up the coding portion of a set of amplicons. Don't worry if you don't understand that... I still don't.

Today I got what I believe is the 3rd free replacement for my iPod Touch waterproof case from OtterBox. When they say "lifetime guarantee" they seem to really mean it. All I do is send an email and they send me a new one... I don't even have to send the old one back.

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