Visiting Slab City near the town of Niland, CA... got there last night in time for live music at The Range, one of the music venues there. Today we found the library and shower; the latter purportedly runoff from a hot spring, but it was a bit too cold for my liking.

Info on the Internet indicates that Slab City is still owned by Uncle Sam, but two residents told us it now belongs to a California teachers association. In any case, it is still largely anarchic and free, but cops of all flavors cruise at times, according to Paul, our Couchsurfing host.

No shebeen as yet, or if there is, I haven't found it. People were only drinking canned beer at the concert last night. Bought a 6-pack of Sam Adams Boston Lager at the store in Niland just now, the best stuff they had.

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