Had a dream early this morning that my computer had gotten a Windows virus. At bootup a little stylized train conductor was at the bottom of the screen, and a "Whoo! Whoooo!" train whistle sounded. Then the clickety-clack of the train as the system, sluggishly, continued to boot. At one point a little box appeared near the top of the screen saying "WHEEEEEE". Horrible dream, thought I was not going to be able to tell people "I've never gotten a virus" any more. While still in the dream, or halfway awake, I thought of a possibly useful program; a very lightweight (not something like Norton or McAfee, that uses most of your resources) task to monitor things like webpages fetched and software installed, and logging them to a Unix machine through the syslog facility, so if you do get a virus, you can track back to how or from where you might have gotten it.

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