Got dunked in Tomales Bay yesterday, going out after a bit too much wine into ocean swells larger than anything I'd experienced yet in a kayak. I might have made it into shore myself, but didn't have to. The Petaluma Paddlers are a nice group to be with, and helped me overcome the hypothermia and get back into the bay, where a towline was attached and I was paced back to Nick's Cove.

Finally checked at the Petaluma P.D., and sure enough my bike had been taken there. Got it back without even having to pay a fine, as it wasn't impounded, just put into "lost and found". Everything seems to be as I left it, including the pants drying on the trailer.

Got about 2 and a half points in the programming competition, with only a day and change left to go. I'd like to solve at least one more of the problems before it's over, but I'm pretty happy with what I've got. Should do better next time.

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