The glasses I bought for $8 + $4.95 shipping from Zenni Optical work great. I got them last Saturday and have used them for brief periods, and it's tempting to wear them all the time outdoors, to see all the detail I've been missing. But I don't want to risk long-term damage to my eyes.

These $8 glasses, offered on several websites now, are an incredible bargain, and I wonder how much longer the likes of Lenscrafters can stay in business once the word gets out.

Made a Jambalaya last night from Emeril Lagasse's recipe, and it was pretty damned good. I thought I could double the recipe, because I didn't believe it was 4 servings as stated, but I realized once I got going that I couldn't double the rice and chicken stock. So it had double the meat and veggies and spices. Can't say I regret the mistake, especially since two people ate it all in one sitting.

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