Tried a bread experiment yesterday, using some homemade cider (made with fresh Sebastopol apples) as the starter. It took care of 3 of the 6 ingredients: the water, sugar, and yeast. I then added salt, oil, and whole wheat flour, kneaded, and baked. It was awesomely good.

I'm finally making progress on some I/O routines I've been wanting to write all my programming life, using memory protection to simplify coding. The idea is to have really small, tight loops using rep movsb, and have the segfault handler take care of the buffering. All the complexity is kept in the handler routine, making the input and output really small and fast in the normal case, and a bit slower in the odd case where buffers need to be read, written, moved and/or altered.

Healthwise: the same fingers are still numb, but I've had full use of my right hand for some weeks now. When in Fairplay, I could hardly snap my right- hand fingers, and now I can easily. My bad tooth has hardly bothered me at all in the past few days. And my cracked feet are being slowly but surely fixed with regular filing down of the dead skin with a "zester".

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