My bike and trailer got stolen sometime in the last 48 hours. I'd left it about a block away, coming back from the hardware store the other day, because I didn't feel like schlepping it all the way up the hill... and now it's gone. Lost the solar panel and battery along with it, but most of my other stuff I left at the house where I'm staying, so it's still safe.

That was kind of what I was subconsciously hoping for. Now I have a lot more motivation to work on a new HPV concept, since I have nothing to fall back on. The $100 folding solar panel is a bummer, though.

Learning how to optimize my C code using "register int", "asm" blocks, and if an array can be sized 1024 rather than 1000, using that so the array accesses will be optimized to shl's rather than use mul's.

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