Lunched at the Sonoma Wild Food cart at the gas station at 440 E. Washington in Petaluma. Victor served me a nice big venison sausage for $5. Not bad for wild, organic meat.

If you get the urge for ice cream every so often, as I do, you can't do much better for a cheap fix than the little sub-4-ounce containers of Ben & Jerry's. Only a dollar at Safeway.

Got my Petaluma library card today, and checked out Malcolm Gladwell's Blink. Got to start reading again. And jogging.

Having a happy hour pint of Fat Tire, $3 at McNear's. Dempsey's has happy hour only on Monday, 5 to closing, while here it's every weekday, 4 to 7. And Dempsey's brews aren't that varied nor that great. Rather have some Fat or Anchor Steam.

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