Back in Petaluma from the cold, damp nights of Mendo. Still drinking that smooth organic porter from Eel River in Scotia, CA. Got an interview for a small Odesk job lined up.

That email castigating me for my alcoholism was sent by none other than my fellow COS member Z, who is often criticizing me for one thing or another. That doesn't make what he said any less true, but somehow enables me to ignore it more easily. Thank Bob for slipping up and mentioning the name "Bill", whose name I hadn't mentioned in my blog. Then all I had to do was, when I got back to my laptop, look at the extended headers for the real sender of the email.

People who send things anonymously, or use "sock puppet" identities, aren't living to the same level of honesty that I, alcoholic though I may be, adhere to. So in my point of view, they have lost the right to criticize me. Got that, "Bill Peters"?

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