somewhere around mp 90, the shoulder went to 2 feet again. State cop tells me its 30 miles of nothing to the next gas station, then 40 or 50 miles of nothing to Heber City. Depressing.

Dax and Jenny gave me a ride to rest area after I'd biked my 30 base miles for the day. The cop hadn't mentioned a rest area only 10 miles down the road. I then passed mp 68 by 1730, making 41 miles for day 23.

Not far down the road, a long-bearded dude came tooling by in the shoulder, driving a golf cart. He asked, "Could you use a cold beer?" I answered "Hell yeah!" So he handed me a can of Pabst and continued down the road. Sweet. Another two vehicles pulled over later and the occupants asked if I were OK. Nice people. Still, Utah roads are hell on bicyclists. Though the shoulder is usable here and there, the default shoulder width seems to be 3 to 5 feet with a rumble strip making it 1 to 3 usable feet.

Now I'm at the gas station, at least I figure it's the one they were talking about. It was only about 11 miles past the rest area. It closed at 7 PM. It won't open until 8 AM. If I move on, I may well run out of water before I reach Heber City. But what am I gonna do here for 8 hours.

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