The Old Town Pub in downtown Steamboat Springs has a good selection of drafts, and wifi. After three pints, I took a leak and hit the road.

Not long afterwards, I had to pee again. I reached a secluded part of town and got ready, but a car was coming by. I waited for it to pass, but unfortunately it turned around and parked near me. It was a cop. Though he couldn't have seen anything -- I didn't get a chance to release even a drop, and kept my dangly bits out of sight -- he copped an attitude and wrote me a ticket. Lying sack of shit. If I don't appear for court next month, it says a warrant will be issued for my arrest. No idea how far that extends... only to Steamboat Springs? Statewide throughout Colorado? Nationwide? Whatever, it took all the joy out of my trip. Thanks a whole shitload, Officer Dan Kelliher and your fucking prissy attitude.

Made it to GG's Coffee Shop, the windmill looking structure on the outskirts of Hayden, for coffee and panini. Trying to get the joy back. Maybe I should have some ice cream.

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