I did a search for oilproof, dirtproof fabric yesterday and found out about a nanofabric based on the fibrous structure of lotus leaves. But I can't find any American companies selling clothing made from it.

I awoke about 0240 this morning, from a dream in which I was enslaved fighting a war. My captors, machine intelligences I thought, liked me even though I was occasionally able to outwit them. I sensed that my commanding officer planned to make me a house slave as soon as the war was over, so I suicided during the final battle, using some clever sequence of moves that didn't give away what I was doing until it was too late; but I was able to convince the officer that he too was a slave and could use what I showed him to achieve his own liberation.

I wondered for a while, after death but before awakening, if humans would in fact be better off governed by silicon-based life forms. It doesn't seem likely they would want power over others for its own sake, only to ensure their own autonomy.

I never went back to sleep. I was sitting on the roof at 0430 drinking a Black Hook porter, enjoying the breeze. An alarm was flashing and sounding at the new elementary school, but the noise was only like that of crickets at this distance. Even the warbling of the nighthawks was louder, though not nearly as constant. It must be have been driving the nearby residents nuts. No cops on night duty I guess.

I originally noticed the flashing because it was constant, every second or so. There's the Border Patrol beacon north and west of there that also flashes, but at some oddball rate of about 13.5 seconds.

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