Using whole wheat flour rather than baking soda as a deodorant is an amazing breakthrough. Not only is it compostable, rather than adding to the salts in the soil as the bicarbonate does, I'm already using the flour for dry shampoo and sourdough, so it's one less consumable on my list. Speaking of sourdough, Neal mentioned at my workshop the other day that I can use the cider as a starter. That, and his words describing how to properly sharpen a knife, "as if you're taking thin slices of it", made it more than worth the time and expense.

Anyway, I added some cinnamon powder to it and it's even better. Sweating like a pig all day and I smell pretty nice. For a pig.

Spent a good part of the day in air-conditioned comfort in Deming, studying the OpenID 1.1 spec yet again. About ready to take another stab at programming it.

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