By Friday my steaks had gone pretty bad. Gave them to the neighbor's dogs, and a friend invited me to lunch at the Pink Store. Good timing. Then Saturday I had my Wild Fermentation workshop, which two of my neighbors attended, followed by a ride to El Paso where I pigged out at the Oaxacan Mole Festival a few blocks East of downtown at the Mercado Mayapan on Myrtle Street. A little Spanish comes in handy; most of the plates were $6.95, with one type of mole and rice and beans. What I asked for, and got for $8.00, was a plate of all 4 moles with no rice and beans. What a deal! All were delicious, but the mole verde was the most different than any I remember from Oaxaca, nice and spicy.

Today I had some Polish sausage and my homemade sauerkraut. I might be able to convince myself to go hunting towards sundown. Otherwise it's off to Deming tomorrow for some supermarket meats or seafood.

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