Mesquite beans are turning red-ripe in some places, notably near the arroyo. They should be ready for the first harvest in another week or two. Then I can try some fermentation experiments with them.

One of the three quarts of my new cider batch started bubbling yesterday, so I mixed the three together. But today when I checked, there was a strange white film and some bubbles on the surface of one of them, and some evidence of the same substance in all three. When I stirred it, it broke up and stuck to the side of the jar like wax. But so far it's still fermenting and not tasting weird, so I'll wait it out.

I'm still paying for yesterday's beer binge. I did end up going to the bar, where I finally saw C. May and got his permission to go on his property in the foothills of the Tres Hermanas. He said it was to stop people driving off-road up there. Anyway, I drank way too much, and the sauerkraut I ate today didn't help enough to settle my stomach. Should be OK by tomorrow though.

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