Any doubts as to the efficacy of my underarm guards are easily erased by not using them for a few days. The odor started within hours, and rinsing never helped for more than an hour or so thereafter. I've been suffering the sweatstink ever since my return from Arcata; finally I found another pair of socks to use, and am stink-free for another week or so.

I never found a way to keep the adjustment loop on my Dr. Slick fisherman's necklace out of the way. Finally realized it would fit around my neck!

I think I hit two jackrabbits yesterday, but they both got away. No luck this morning, either. But today is Pink Store day, and I've still got some cottontail meat from last week.

Haven't yet received my tubing bender from Northern Tool. I hope it gets here tomorrow, while I'm in Deming getting more tubing. I've got several ideas how to complete a HPV from the stuff I already have, and one or more of them ought to work.

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