The sumac wine didn't work out; not enough sugar for the yeast to do anything with, but I'm adding it to my hard cider for an extra kick of sourness. On my third day of drinking just my own brews, and still have no desire to drink commercial beer. Bought two more cans of frozen juice today, one apple and one grape, to replenish my stock, just adding it with water to the jars that still have yeast left over from the previous batch. I don't see why this can't go on indefinitely; this is a major breakthrough for my self-sustainability in the event of economic collapse, assuming I can eventually find a local source of fermentables.

Still no luck with rabbits. Those I injured earlier this week are still haunting my efforts. If I don't get any by tomorrow morning, guess I'll have to buy some more meat at the store; I could live on grains for a day or two, but I sure don't want to.

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