Got a cottontail after sundown yesterday. Almost too dark to see at that point, but got it home and on the stove while I sucked down a few beers. Just had some for breakfast, after deboning it and throwing in some onions and chiles, along with some quinoa I'd cooked last night.

Got a problem with my HSBC MasterCard resolved over the phone, after two failed attempts using email. A scam called TLG Great Fun had charged my card $11.99 with no authorization, and all HSBC could tell me was to call the company and cancel the subscription. I asked the guy on the phone "Do you expect me to call a thief and ask for my money back?" He saw my point, canceled the charge, and closed out the account and is sending me a new card with a different number. And I just found my cash rewards balance available for withdrawal because it went over $25.00, so I'll be getting a check within a couple of weeks. Sweet!

My July Oats options are getting closer to the money as the dollar goes down the toilet. Still over 3 weeks left till they expire; I hope at least the one with the $3.00 strike price makes me some money. I get $500 for every ten cents over $3.00 before June 25. Of course, I lose my whole investment if it doesn't get to $3.00.

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