Another idea for that vehicle: make it possible to lock the outrigger wheels above, below, or even with the road plane. Then you can have a 2, 3, or 4-wheel vehicle as needed for speed, stability, or adapting to the terrain.

While sucking down beers at Lost Coast, I met an intelligent longshoreman named Pete. He told me I should read Eric Hoffman, another "intelligent longshoreman", and he bought me a beer, my fourth pint, which I couldn't finish.

Fennel grows like a weed everywhere here. There are other weeds that resemble mustards and poke too, but I'm not sure enough to try them.

The park for KSR paticipants to camp is supposedly at 1201 Waterfront, but Waterfront turned into Railroad, and I couldn't find the park. There's an abandoned park of sorts where homeless people were camping, though, so I crashed on the beach. Woke up at daybreak with a hangover and beershits, and made my way to Eureka Natural Foods on Broadway for coffee, wifi, and power. During the night I heard party noises across the water, so maybe I missed a turn. Maybe next year I'll find it.

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